Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh. Free Home Delivery service in Dhaka. 

We offer 24-hour home oxygen cylinder service. In Bangladesh, the best service is for oxygen cylinders. Get an oxygen cylinder by getting in touch with us. 01707372001, ​+8801739508350 (mobile)

You will get in a full package

  • Oxgen Cylinder
  • Flow Meter
  • Oxygen Mask
  • Nasal Cannula
  • Trolley

Top Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh

Most effective oxygen cylinder for home usage latest price

Chinese Oxygen cylinder - (coc-1.36) 2000 ltr pressure       ৳ 9,000

Islam Oxygen cylinder - (10l-1.40) 2000 ltr pressure            ৳ 9,500

Linde Oxygen cylinder - (Mos-1.40) 2000 ltr pressure          ৳ 18,000

Spectra Oxygen Limited                                                        ৳ 9,800

China Oxygen cylinder  1500 ltr pressure                             ৳ 8,000

The cheapest oxygen cylinder is available in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Only for the purpose of providing service at homes, our crew is available 24/7.

In Bangladesh, oxygen cylinders are provided by Oxygen Cylinder Gulshan. Within 60 minutes of receiving your order, we will transport your oxygen cylinder anywhere in Dhaka. By calling you, our active crew will make their way to your house. The top provider of oxygen cylinder home services in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is Oxygen Cylinder Gulshan.
Not only does Oxygen Cylinder Gulshan deliver oxygen cylinders to your home in exchange for payment, but Oxygen Cylinder Gulshan is committed to helping people.

We provide three different ways to get oxygen cylinders.

Oxygen cylinder Gulshan offers oxygen cylinder sales, rentals, and refills. At any moment and from any location, give us a call to order an emergency oxygen cylinder. The knowledgeable and qualified staff at Oxygen Cylinder Gulshan are available to you around-the-clock.

1) Sales: Place an order on our website or get in touch with us. The oxygen cylinder will arrive within 60 minutes after your order has been verified.

2) Rant:
Get in touch with us right away. The oxygen cylinder will arrive within 60 minutes after we've verified your order.
Price list for renting oxygen cylinders:

  • The rental cost for 7 days is 2,500 taka.
  • Rent for 3500 Taka per day for 15 days.
  • 1 month's rent: 4900 for China, 6499 for Linde

3). Refill: Get in touch with us personally. The oxygen cylinder will arrive within 60 minutes after your order has been verified.
600 Taka for the Center Refill Charge ( per refill)
Refill Fee for Home Delivery: 1000 Taka ( per refill)
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Our Oxyg​en Cylinder price in Bangladesh

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, we specialize in medical oxygen cylinder refills, rentals, sales, and assistance. Our business has had a solid reputation as a provider of oxygen cylinders to hospitals and home care services for more than eight years. Because of this, we are quite proud of the low price of a tiny oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh as well as the products offered by other reputable Dhaka-based manufacturers of medical supplies.

Medical Flow Meter

৳ 2,200.00
৳ 1,500.00

Linde Oxygen Cylinder

৳ 26,522.00
৳ 18,000.00

Oxygen Cylinder China

৳ 11,999.00
৳ 9,000.00

Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh.

We provide Linde oxygen cylinders, Chinese oxygen cylinders in portable and standard sizes priced at 9,000 taka, and Linde oxygen cylinders in BD models priced at 18,000 taka and featuring a 2000-liter oxygen O2 gas pressure. A bottle cylinder, together with additional accessories, a flow meter Sale of oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh with free delivery to your home The oxygen will endure for at least 20 hours if it is administered at a rate of 1 liter per minute. You may use it for a week or a month in addition to finishing one letter in a single day. Cost of an Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh | Free Home Delivery in Dhaka.
The highest-quality oxygen cylinders available in Dhaka are offered by Oxygen Cylinder Gulshan. Our business is available around the clock, and in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we can deliver to your home in under an hour. Price of an oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh | Free delivery to your home in Dhaka Call +8801739508350 if you require an oxygen cylinder.

More information

Everything you should know about oxygen cylinders

Patients who are unable to breathe in adequate oxygen for their bodies on their own can get oxygen treatment through oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators. For the purpose of providing oxygen to patients in hospitals, at home, while traveling, or when they are being moved between medical facilities, cylinders and concentrators in particular are made. The oxygen that we breathe in through the air is essential for human survival. Because of lung conditions, a patient may be unable to breathe in enough oxygen, which can lead to shortness of breath, heart difficulties, brain problems, and other problems throughout the body. With oxygen therapy, this is where oxygen cylinders come into play. Now that we know everything there is to know about oxygen cylinders, let's look at them.

An oxygen cylinder is what?

Researchers and medical experts noticed that coronavirus damages the lung in such a way that it affects its most crucial respiratory function, which is taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide from the body, as the effects of COVID-19 came to light. An external oxygen delivery device is used to treat an oxygen deficit because the membrane that controls the transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide is severely damaged. Concentrators and oxygen cylinders help the patient breathe. A patient is given oxygen through a surgical mask placed over a nasal cannula from an oxygen cylinder. 
Oxygen cylinders come in a variety of capacities, and the one picked depends on the patient's health.

What kinds of oxygen cylinders ​are there?

Medical oxygen cylinders are built of steel or aluminum, despite the fact that there are several types of oxygen cylinders for various uses, such as industrial oxygen cylinders. Aluminum oxygen cylinders are much lighter than steel oxygen cylinders. They are light, making transportation simple. The material they are composed of and the number of liters of oxygen within each oxygen cylinder vary. The following options are available for steel oxygen cylinders: One, two, three, four, five, ten, twenty, twenty-seven, forty, and fifty liters. The following sizes of aluminum oxygen cylinders are offered: 1 liter, 2 liters, 3 liters, 4 liters, 5 liters, and 10 liters.[/read]