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Elite 5 Ltr Medical Oxygen Concentrator

৳ 47,500.00

Product Name Oxygen Concentrator
Brand Elite
Model Elite OxyFamily


Elite Oxy Family Medical Oxygen Concentrator BD

Medical Oxygen Concentrator BD. Whether you’re out with your family or in town, now you can always have your oxygen with you. Elite 5 Ltr Medical Oxygen Concentrators allow you to come and go without switching equipment as you please.

  • Improving physical fitness, improving immunity.
  • Contribute to the fetus’s pregnant and mental health.
  • Supply oxygen to the needs of the human body, improve digestive function and metabolism.
  • Relieve fatigue, decomposition of muscle-generated lactic acid, improve endurance.
  • Promote the ability to absorb vitamins, minerals.

Consistent Oxygen Flow

The flow of oxygen is consistent at all levels of flow – from 1 L per min to 5 L per min. The desired Flow can be adjusted to attain the saturation of Oxygen in the patient body and it can be measured by Pulse Oximeter. Medical Oxygen Concentrator BD.

Good Built Quality

A recessed flow meter to adjust flow of Oxygen ensures no accidental breakage. The easy-to-fix humidifier bottle holder provides a trouble free connection for the humidifier and oxygen tubing at the top of the unit where it is most convenient. The quality of materials used is medical grade.

Compact Design with Wheels

The Oxygen Concentrator’s ergonomic design takes less space. It weighs only 16 kilograms, and can be easily moved on rolling wheels.

Medical oxygen concentrators are used in hospitals or at home to concentrate oxygen for patients. The concentrators provides a cost- efficient source of oxygen. They are a safer, less expensive and more convenient alternative to tanks of cryogenic oxygen or high pressure cylinders.

  • Adjustable flow range: 1-5L/min.
  • Oxygen outlet pressure: 8.5 – 13 PSI
  • Sound level: <48 dB average.
  • Oxygen Concentration:93 + 3%
  • Electrical requirements: 230 V/ 50Hz
  • Average power consumption: 280 W

Medical Oxygen Concentrator BD Features :-

  • Lightweight Oxygen Concentrator with 93% purity of oxygen concentration
  • Build with oil-free compressor free ofmaintenance. Low noise, Light weight, slow temperature rising and high efficiency.
  • High Definition LED screen and super clear reading.
  • Timer and Running time calculation
  • Alarms for high/low pressure, power failure and Gas Blockage
  • Protection from over-heat and over-load

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