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Angel Biss Oxygen Concentrator

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Oxygen Concentrator price in bd: Uninterrupted Oxygen Supply

Angel Biss Oxygen Concentrator 5L oxygen support device comes with everything you need to give a continuous supply of pure oxygen whenever you have a shortness of breath. It is extremely beneficial to anyone who is having trouble breathing due to health issues or respiratory issues such as a severe cough or cold. Oxygen Concentrator price in bd.


Our oxygen concentrators provide a reliable oxygen supply based on the patient’s requirements. Maximum efficiency, rapid distribution, and no oxygen loss are all guaranteed. They can produce up to 90% pure oxygen at 0.5-5 LMP catering to different patient needs in a variety of settings. It can be used anywhere from home to hospitals, including long-term care institutions and mobile health services.

Sturdy and Lightweight

Our ergonomically designed oxygen concentrator is remarkably simple and easy to handle and use, giving you more freedom and flexibility. Weighing only 15 kg, it takes up very little room in your home. It goes well with any style of interior design. For optimal effectiveness or regular oxygen therapy, simply position it in a well-ventilated area, preferably 4 inches away from walls, drapes, furniture, or similar surfaces. 24hrs. Oxygen Concentrator price in bd.

Mobile and Easy to operate

The device also makes life easier for people who require oxygen therapy when transferring to medical facilities in the event of a medical emergency. The oxygen concentrator has caster wheels on the bottom and a handle on top for stability and mobility while transferring from one room to another in the house or in an ambulance for emergency transport. It is also quiet, which is beneficial to both patients and attendants.

Flow Meter with Adjustability

The oxygen concentrator price in bd flow may be instantly and effortlessly tuned up depending on individual demands by adjusting the flow meter knob to generate the most natural breathing pattern. It’s simple to set timings and change the presentation of oxygen concentration and flow rate values. Plus, it also features a humidifier to humidify the air so that you do not experience any discomfort caused by oxygen deficiency.

Safe, Reliable, and Precise

The Angel Biss Oxygen Concentrator price in bd is a tried and trusted option for people who require oxygen support in order to maintain an active daily routine at home. It is simple to use, and users can easily check operating settings on the display for safe and dependable operation. To ensure safe and proper operations, it includes safety alarms with high, low, and normal pressure readings. Furthermore, the heat protection feature assures the compressor and concentrator’s safety.

Minimum Upkeep, Maximum Value

Our oxygen concentrator devices are made of premium-quality plastic to ensure its durability and long life. As a medical-grade oxygen unitour device requires no technical skills to operate. Oxygen Concentrator price in bd.


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