Relax and Tone Handheld Full Body Massager

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Usage/ApplicationUsage Application Body Relaxation
Brand Relax & Tone
Target Location Full Body
Material ABS
Color  white & blue
Types Of Body Massager Handheld Massager
Gender  Unisex
Weight   1kg
Minimum Order  Quantity 05

Product Description

Relax & Tone is a light weight and effective hand held massager capable of targeting your abs, buns, thighs, calves and under arms. It”s unique oscillating feature penetrates deeply into the inner layers of your skin to help break down unwanted fat and burn calories. Simply place it over any area of your body you wish to slim down, and it will help shake away excess fat. This powerful Full Body Massager comes complete with Four massage heads: Flat head: used for neck pressure release.Wave head: Point deep massage.Ball bearing head: For Accelerate blood circulation.Scrubber Head: To get rid of dead and callous skin.


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