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Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Price:৳ 600.00 Original price was: ৳ 600.00.
Bandage Size 10 cm X 4/6 mtrs
Colour Skin
Comfortable To Skin Yes
Features High...


Reliable Support for Post-Operative Dressing

Experience the exceptional quality of the Elastic Adhesive Bandage, the ideal bandage for fixing post-operative dressing. With its longer lasting adhesion, this bandage provides reliable support, ensuring your dressing stays securely in place. Trust in its effectiveness to promote optimal healing.

Flexible Comfort for Post-Injury and Fracture Support

Discover the versatility of the Elastic Adhesive Bandage BD. This bandage stretches with your body’s movements, providing flexible support during your recovery journey. Embrace an active lifestyle while receiving the necessary support to aid in your post-injury or post-fracture healing.

Enhanced Comfort with Breathable Circulation

Experience the breathability of the Elastic Adhesive Bandage BD. Designed with pores for air circulation, it allows your skin to breathe and stay comfortable throughout the day. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by excessive heat and moisture and enjoy enhanced comfort during your recovery process.

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