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China Three Function Electric Patient Bed

৳ 80,000.00

Brand:                     China

Type:                       Semi-Electric Beds


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Elevate Comfort with Cutting-Edge Design

Innovative Design for Unparalleled Comfort and Convenience.  Three Function Electric Patient Bed

Welcome to a new era of patient care where comfort and functionality blend seamlessly. Our Three Function Electric Patient Bed is meticulously crafted to provide the ultimate comfort experience for patients while optimizing caregiver efficiency. With its cutting-edge design and advanced features, this patient bed is revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare. Discover the key benefits that make our patient bed the top choice for medical facilities worldwide.

  1. Advanced Motorized Adjustments
  • Effortless Positioning: The integrated electric motor allows smooth adjustments, effortlessly transitioning between various positions with just a touch of a button. Say goodbye to manual labor and embrace the convenience of automated adjustment.
  • Optimal Patient Support: Our bed offers three essential functions to enhance patient comfort and recovery. Adjust the bed height, backrest angle, and leg section angle to find the perfect position tailored to each patient’s unique needs.
  1. Exceptional Comfort and Durability
  • Supreme Mattress Support: Experience the luxury of a premium mattress surface designed to provide exceptional support. The patient bed’s mattress features a combination of high-density foam and ergonomic design to alleviate pressure points and promote a restful sleep.
  • Sturdy Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, our patient bed ensures long-lasting durability and reliability. Its robust frame can support patients of various sizes while maintaining stability and safety.

Safety First – Prioritizing Patient Well-Being

Advanced Safety Features for Uncompromising Patient Care

When it comes to patient care, safety is paramount. Our Three Function Electric Patient Bed is equipped with a range of innovative safety features, ensuring the well-being of patients and providing peace of mind to caregivers. Discover how our bed sets new industry standards for patient safety.

  1. Secure Side Rails
  • Enhanced Patient Protection: The bed’s sturdy side rails can be easily adjusted, offering an added layer of security for patients, particularly those prone to rolling or at risk of falls. These rails provide a safe and comfortable environment, allowing patients to rest with confidence.
  1. Intuitive Control Panel
  • Simplified Bed Operations: Our patient bed incorporates an intuitive control panel within easy reach. Caregivers can effortlessly adjust bed settings, minimizing disruptions to patient care and maximizing efficiency. With user-friendly controls, providing the best possible care has never been easier.

Unleash Efficiency with Innovative Features

Streamline Patient Care with Intelligent Design

Embrace the future of healthcare with our Three Function Electric Patient Bed’s intelligent features. Designed to optimize workflow and streamline patient care, this bed empowers medical professionals to provide a superior level of service. Explore the features that make our patient bed an invaluable asset to any healthcare facility.

  1. Centralized Brake System
  • Effortless Mobility: The bed’s centralized brake system allows caregivers to secure the bed in place with minimal effort. Moving the bed becomes a breeze, ensuring swift and smooth patient transfers while maintaining safety and stability.
  1. Ample Storage Solutions
  • Everything at arm’s reach, medical professionals can focus on delivering exceptional care without interruptions.


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